Julie Rivers


"One Starry Night" CD MP3 Tracks - Romantic piano music of the night with lush orchestrations

Starry nights are magical. We all have memories of nights when the Universe seemed to be cooperating with all of our dreams. The Vincent Van Gogh painting on the album cover portrays such a night. Van Gogh wrote about this scene:"...a night sky with a crescent moon emerging from the shadows: stars of exaggerated brilliance in an ultramarine sky across which are hurrying and swirling almost invisible clouds."

The pieces on this album take you through the hours and moods of one starry night to the dawn of the next day. Meridian Crossing, Sunflower Fields, Aphrodite, Star Pool, Astrid’s Song, Wishing, Midnight Blue, Walk With the Moon, Senorita de la Noche Estrellada, Falling, Soul Thoughts, Spheres and Seraphs, How the Sun Rose. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my dreams with you through my music! -- Julie Rivers

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