Julie Rivers


"As Far As the Heart Can See" CD MP3 Tracks - Inspired by the beauty of the tallgrass prairies

I love the land! When I am away from the city, I can think, dream and see further and clearer than ever…with my heart. The music on this album was inspired by those feelings.  Summer Skies reflect boundless blue above, and in the distance brilliant white thunderheads, coursing across the Western sky. The Kanza Suite includes Sweet Prairie Morning inspired by the intoxicating smell of prairie grasses on the warm breeze of a dewy Kansas morning. In Cradle Song, night sounds blend with a lullaby under the stars on the plains. The winds of the prairie blow wild and free calling me to ride with them in Ride the Wild Wind. A beautiful Butterfly, gently rests on a wildflower nestled in tall prairie grasses. Song Without Words is influenced by the music of Romantic composers, whose compositions I love to play. In Spirit Rain, a gentle Autumn rain cools the summer-parched plains. The Green Fields of Home depicts the beauty and nostalgia of the rolling Kansas Flint Hills. Festival celebrates the wheat harvest and the blazing sun on golden fields of wheat.  In Canto d’Amore, an immigrant to the heartland reflects on loves and lands left behind. Prayer at Twilight and The Water is Wide, round out the album, with my son performing the violin part in this gorgeous version of The Water is Wide.                   

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